Can you afford to work for Free?

Stupid Question …. right?

Of course you can’t & neither can anybody else.

So why do so many people get tricked into booking appliance repairs with companies who promise ‘No Service Call?’

What’s the Catch to a ‘No service Call’ con?

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Imagine you are silly enough to believe that appliance repair companies can afford to visit without charging you a cent. In a typical day an appliance repairer may go to 6-10 jobs.

So let’s say you believe the company when they say if they can’t fix your appliance they won’t charge you.

  1. It takes 20 minutes to get to you home;
  2. That uses both petrol & time plus the use of a van;
  3. It takes another 15 minutes to diagnose the fault;
  4. Finally there is another 20 minutes of drive time to get to the next job.

Total time per job –> 20 + 15 + 20 = 55 minutes

Other Expenses –> Petrol + Vehicle expenses + Insurances (public liability & vehicle) + Licensing fees + Ongoing training

Do you honestly think anyone can afford to do all that for free?

Companies who offer ‘No call out’ or ‘free’ call out only make money if they sell you parts & fix your machine. It is silly to think they won’t fit as many parts as they can & will try to fix the machine even if it is not worth fixing.  

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What does a service call save you?

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  1. By paying a service call you know that the appliance repair agent can cover his or her costs so they can then advise you honestly and still get paid.
  2. Honest advice may include those dreaded words: ‘not worth fixing‘. But it is much better to know that then spend hundred of dollars to repair an appliance that breaks again in another few months.
  3. A service call also means that the appliance repair agent does not need to hide the cost of the time and travel using huge mark-ups on the parts or fit extra parts.

The National Governing Body (ECA – Electrical Contractors Association), states clearly in its Code of Practice that its members are not permitted to disguise costs by hiding them in the cost of parts.

The big problem is in these tough times both customers and repair agents can get caught up in this sort of deception. The repairer needs to eat so they try to find more work using a ‘free’ offer. Customers are trying to save money on repairs.

Don’t get caught out. A service call that includes time to diagnose you repair is fair for everyone. That is why the big companies like Miele, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool & Fisher & Paykel all charge service calls.

Smart ways to Save.

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Everyone knows appliance repairs can be expensive.

Everyone knows that some agents are not honest.

So the key saving is to make sure you have your appliance repaired by a company or technician who knows your machine. European brands such as Bosch & Miele are built differently to those made in say, Korea, like LG & Samsung. So if your technician knows how to open them up & has worked on the brand a lot he or she will be faster & more accurate in their diagnosis of the problem.

They are also more likely to order the right parts first up and only order the parts they know they need. Someone who does not know the brand will likely order a number of additional parts incase their initial diagnosis is not right. The honest ones will not fit the parts they don’t need. The dishonest ones or the ones who are sure will fit all the parts.

Either way your appliance will be fixed faster & more economically if you know who to trust.

Three things you must get:

  1. Make sure the company you employ gives you a receipt that includes a list of the parts used. If something does go wrong your receipt is the legal document you will need to make a claim.
  2. Make sure you ask the company’s workmanship warranty (usually 30 days).
  3. Make sure you know the details of the parts warranty. Don’t assume 12 months. Some well known manufacturers have 30 day warranties on spare parts.