Need LG washing machine repairs Gold Coast area and surrounds?

When it comes to LG washing machine repairs Gold Coast you are relatively lucky:

  1. LG part prices are relatively inexpensive.
  2. LG parts are usually easy enough to source.
  3. LG washing machines are one of the more reliable brands around.

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I am betting you want to know what it will cost to repair your LG washer?




Well for a rundown on the likely service call and labour charges go to the page on repair costs and that will give you a rundown on service and labour charges.

But before we get into what an LG washing machine repairs Gold Coast might cost how about first we consider what a typical washing machine, used by a typical family does:

  1. The washing machine is usually used 3-4 times or more per week.
  2. Runs anything up to 2 hours per use.
  3. Never serviced.
  4. Filters almost never cleaned.
  5. Runs for 3-5 years before breaking.

How dare your LG washing machine break! Imagine for a moment you bought a car and drove it fo 2 hours flat out three to for times a week. You never had it serviced, never changed the air filter or oil and did that for 3-5 years. Now I have teenage kids who treat cars like that but the rest of us wouldn’t dream of it!

So back to the costs:

Remember these are only broad estimates based on what we see when someone rings to book an appointment for LG washing machine repairs Gold Coast. The costs of some manufacturer’s parts are ridiculous which is something you should always consider before you get your machine looked at.

  1. Lights on won’t work / Child lock on / Service call paid hurriedly as this one is very common and embarrassing.
  2. Door won’t open (front loader) / hanlde & latch combo / Service call + $20-25 labour / Handles and latch kit usually less than $30 each.
  3. No power or lights / control board / Service call + $20-30 labour/ Board $120-$160 ; F&P boards approaching $190 or over ; Maytag and high end European brands $300 and higher.
  4. Not draining / Pump / Service call + $30-50 labour / Pumps $60 – 120 high end brands $200.
  5. Not agitating or washing / Motor / Service call + $30-50 labour / Motors $70-140 high end brands $300 on occasion.
  6. Leaking from the back / valves / Service call + $20-30 labour / Valves $40 -70 high end machines double that.
  7. Leaking from front (front loader)/ Dispenser box / Service call + $20-30 labour / Dispenser boxes usually <$50.
  8. Leaking from front around door (front loader) / Seal / Service call + $20-30 labour / Seal $50-80 (was once quoted $240 COST price for a Miele front loader and nearly died).
  9. Lound grinding noise / Gear box / Service call + $160 and more in labour / Gearbox $300 but also need to consider seals and bearings making the total in parts $600 plus and labour of about $300.
  10. Jumping all over the floor / Feet uneven on floor / Service + $10 call paid hurriedly as this another very common and embarrassing one.
  11. Jumping all over the floor / Damper kit (shock absorbers for your washer) & Out of Balance Kit. Note you don’t have to replace both but if you don’t you may be doing so in another few months. / Service call + $30-50 labour. Some machines will require 2 people to lift in which case add an extra $60 for the assistant. / Damper kit usually <$70 and Balance kit usually <$50 but these can vary widely in price.

Despite all that could go wrong as a general rule LG washing Machine repairs Gold Coast are one of the best machines to repair as their parts are amoung the least expensive of all the major manufacturers.