When you own a Website one of the things you must do is develop a network of Handy Links.

Having other sites linking to your site is vital to improving your overall rank with the search engines. The higher up the list  you are on the search engines the better your chances of being found.

But how do you find these Handy Links?

Well here’s a really simple way to go about all of this:

  • Below is a bit of code i.e. the stuff that makes up the bits we humans read on the Internet.
  • Below the two lines of code is what you actually see and read on a web page.
  • If you copy the code and simply jot in your details you can email this off to as many sites as you like.
  • You simply ask the site owner to add your link to their site and get him to send you back their details so you can add their link to your site

Really getting a Handy Link is just like exchanging your business card with a new company.

So here’s the code you need:

<p><a href=”http://www.repairmyappliance.com.au”   target=”_blank”><b>Washing Machine Repairs Gold Coast</b></a><br>Repair my Appliance offers a prompt and professional repair service for those who need a reliable, local technician. Please use our handy Contact Us form to arrange an appointment.</p>

And here is what that code will look like

Washing Machine Repairs Gold Coast
Repair my Appliance offers a prompt and professional repair service for those who need a reliable, local technician. Please use our handy Contact Us form to arrange an appointment.

Now here is our sites Handy Links List:

Bsmart web design and SEO

Bsmart offers a complete web design and SEO service to all businesses. Not sure where to start or how to build a website? We know how and can walk you through step by step. No spin, just easy to understand language for a fraction of what you have probably already been quoted.


Oil Spills has the best Oil Spill Kit Online

Oil Spills are a fact of life but we can all do our bit to keep the environment safe from oil pollution. A well designed Oil Spill Kit should be practicle, effective save you money on cleaning up daily spills and emergency spills. For more information please visit the website.


Golf Lessons Gold Coast is a website designed by Golfers for Golfers. Far More than just another golf website. If you play golf on the Gold Coast, are looking to improve you game or are looking for a great golfing holiday / game improvement package on the Gold Coast then go to the website for more information.


Lessons on Golf is website dedicated to any golfer who wishes to improve their game. We hope to provide information to anyone that seeks to learn the game we all love. We aim to pass on free ‘Tour Standard’ advice to players in any country for the betterment of the game and hopefully in the process help some children to reach a standard they may not afford without this site.


Originally from Australia, the Bearded Dragon can now be found in homes all over the world. Smallish, easy to care for and full of personality makes the bearded dragon a great family pet for small children and big ‘kids’ a like.


When most people look behind their computers they see a tangled mess of cables and cords. Coiled and coloured leads can dramatically improve cable recognition. Let’s face it most things in life are cououred – why aren’t cables and cords the same?


I Look Great
Everyone has an image of what they want to look like. In the western world looks form a very great part of how we interact with others. Diets come and go and obesity is a major health issue. For males under 35 there are all sorts of programs to build muscle yet increasingly steroid use is seen as the ‘easy way’. For women ‘fad diets’ are ‘dime-a-dozen’. I Look Great is a wesite devoted to safe ways to stay healthy and look great!


Biosmart is supplies and distributes spill cleanup products to individuals and industry alike. With strong ties to the mining sector Bio-Smart has now been servicing the spill control needs of Australian Companies for over 20 years.

Appliance Repairs & Freinds from the US:

Refrigerators Atlanta
Refrigerators Atlanta offers prompt and professional repair service for major household appliances. US 404 352-9882


GE Appliance Repair
Description:Phoenix Arizona based company In-HomeApplianceService. Our company offers affordable, fast, honest, quality and same day service on all the models and major brands ie. GE appliance, Sears appliance, Admiral Appliance and many more… We assure you 100% satisfaction on our work for any appliance you have!