What’s in your local Fridge Filter Shop?

Well like most suppliers in the world today there is a lot more to the humble fridge filter shop than meets the eye.

To start with a fridge filter shop can supply:

  1. The manufacturer’s branded product.
  2. A generic fridge filter.

In addition, like most things, there are some manufacturers who use the tried and tested and others who are trying to innovate and make products that are better for the environment. As a filter shop it is our job to supply our customers with as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision. So here is a brief background on fridge filters:

  • Manufacturer’s and Generic products are often as good as one another. In fact they may well be sourced from the same factories in many cases. Very few electronics companies have their own fridge filter factories and so they ‘outsource’ the manufacturer to the company that supplies the lowest quote on the specifications provided. I’ll leave you to decide what that means in terms of quality.
  • Generic companies often source their products from the same suppliers. The reason they can do this is that in order for the manufacturer to win the quote to supply a large multinational like LG the manufacturer will have to get the lowest price on the raw materials they need to make the filter. If they have to purchase 200 000kg of filter media to get a ‘rock bottom price’ but only need 150 000 kg to supply the contract then what’s left over can be used to make generic products. Companies such as LG know this and accept that it is a part of getting the best price.
  • Most fridge filters sold through a filter shop are made using conventional carbon filters. There is now an alternative product that uses carbonized coconut shells. Coconut is obviously a renewable resource and the process is enclosed and recaptures the emissions to significantly less harm to the environment. Both processes produce the same carbonized type product with the same chemical properties but one is modern and assists in lessening the carbon footprint and the other does not. Somewhat surprisingly these environmentally responsible alternatives are on the whole cheaper than the ‘manufacturer’s’ branded products.

So why buy from an Online Filter Shop?

Look as a general rule it will be much less expensive. The products we sell all meet the Australian Standard (even the budget products). Have a look over the slide show below and you will see we have a pretty good range and these usually reach your door within 14 days so you don’t even need to leave home (now that is convenient). To use our little presentation box below:

  • just click on the word [Picture] in the top right of the black box
  • a scroll box will appear
  • hover your mouse over the strip of ‘thumbnail’ pictures along the top until you see the one you want
  • then click the thumbnail to see a full view
  • alternately just use the [arrows] on the left and right of the screen to advance the pictures.
  • We can send them out or if you like we can bring them out and have them professionally fitted for you for a small additional fee.

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Some helpful hints when it comes to fridge filters:

  • Replacement them every 6 months is recommended. That said the important thing to remember is this is an average. If you have a large family who all use the water often then replace the filter in about November and at the end of March each year. That way you have a new filter over summer each year and you can stretch out the replacement over winter when it is not being used as much.
  • Warning lights telling you you need a new filter are only ‘clocks’ they do not tell you that the filter has stopped working just that it has been in the fridge for 6 months. Don’t panic just order a new one from a filter shop or reset the ‘counter’ in the fridge if you haven’t used the water much.
  • If you live on your own or don’t use the water much the filter won’t need replacing as often.
  • If you don’t have the water connected then have a cap placed on your system to stop insects invading your fridge at night.
  • To cool the water there is about 2 meters of plastic tube hidden at the back of your fridge. That is about enough for 3-4 glasses of water. If the water is warm then chances are the kids have been getting stuck into it.
  • Keep the area around the water outlet dry. The doors on your fridge will likely rust if you don’t (‘stainless’ steel doors aren’t safe either).
  • Have a pressure limiting valve fitted to your tap. Remember the thin plastic tubes in your fridge aren’t as strong as proper plumbing so one good pressure surge and you can easily blow one of the little plastic fittings.
  • Replace the plastic tubing ever 2-3 years to make sure it is in top condition. Water pouring out overnight can do an awful lot of damage. The external pipes you can replace yourself but the internal kit requires a professional.
  • TURN THE WATER TO THE FRIDGE OFF WHEN YOU GO AWAY!!!! If you don’t and the hose blows while you are not at home you will flood your house.

From our filter shop on line we hope this information helps de-bunk some of the myths about fridge filters.