Dryer Repairs Gold Coast – what brands cost the most to repair?

There are a great variety of dryers sold on the Gold Coast:

  1. Fisher Paykel (F&P) dryer.
  2. Simpson Dryer.
  3. Hoover Dryer.
  4. Whirlpool Dryer
  5. Maytag Dryer
  6. Kleenmaid Dryer
  7. European branded dryers.
  8. Semi-industrial dryers

So how do they all perform and what does it cost for dryer repairs?

By all standards the Fisher Paykel dryers have had a big share of the market for some time. Principally because they are affordably priced and have a mounting bracket which enables them to be mounted on walls. There are of course bigger F&P dryers in the range but by far and away the most common ones seen are the smaller wall mounted units.

So what goes wrong with them? Very simply: not a lot. They are a fairly simple unit and they run trouble free the majority of the time. If they do break then usually it is a simple repair but as with all things Fisher and Paykel the parts can be a little more on the expensive end of the scale. A couple of words of warning:

  1. Wall mounting any dryer is going to mean you have a less stable base than what a floor provides so you will have more shaking than if the unit is sitting on the floor. More shaking – more problems.
  2. If you do have a wall mounted unit then make sure you remove it from the wall before your dryer repair technician arrives. It is against Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for a single person to lift a dryer form the wall on their own. That means either you need to get it off yourself or the repairer will have to bring an assistant to help. They will have to charge you for the assistant if they need to bring one.

laundry repairSimpson dryers, Whirlpool dryers and Hoover Dryers all stand toe-to-toe in the shops. They tend to be larger on the whole and really all brands are supported by the manufacturers with spare parts. Recently Whirlpool has felt the need to bring out a lower end model which is holding up surprisingly well at present. That said none of them have been used in the ‘real world’ for twelve months yet so if there are to be issues they will not surface for another 6 months or so. It is a strange move for Whirlpool which up until now has tended to push quality. It is also odd in that, at this lower end of the retail market, there are very, very small margins so don’t expect discounting by the retailers on these dryers.

Maytag dryers and Kleenmaid dryers occupy the ‘semi-industrial’ end of the market. You can also add Miele and Bosch and a few others into this group. The Kleenmaid group went broke some time back but the good news is the company supplying the Kleenmaid products to the Australian distributor is still alive and well and now has an office in Sydney.

Maytag Dryers, like all things Maytag, are more expensive to repair due to the price of their parts and the complexity of their construction. Put simply it takes 20-40 minutes to get into a Maytag dryer and do a repair. A Fisher Paykel dryer, by comparison, takes 10-20 minutes. The other thing to note in regards to a Maytag Dryer is that Maytag is owned by Whirlpool. If you take a close look under the hood of the top range Whirlpool and a Maytag you will find that quality wise they are very, very similar. So if you are considering buying a Maytag dryer you might also consider buying a Whirlpool which will likely be $100-200 less! Rumours abound that Whirlpool will eventually phase out the Maytag brand but whilst Whirlpool have reduced the Maytag range they have not yet showing any real desire to phase it out altogether.

In terms of costs you can usually assume a service call plus $20-40 in labour and parts for most repairs. Maytag dryer repairs add a little more for labour and of course parts.

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