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Callouts start from just $80!

(Many companies are charging over $100 simply for the callout)

  1. Callout $80
  2. Includes 10 minutes labour (sometimes that is all we need to do the lot)
  3. Includes a Free Quote on labour & parts if they are required.
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Did you know most Appliance Repairs take less then 20 minutes?

Why? The reason is simple:

Risk-free guarantee label. Vector EPS 8.You don’t repair things like motors, pumps, elements, fans and so on …. You REPLACE them.

Over a decade ago major manufacturers realised at as electronic components became smaller & more complicated it was cheaper, faster & more reliable to simply replace a part then to fix a part e.g. a motor.

Why is this better & faster?

Rewinding a motor used to mean sending it away. Now days it is remove & replaced with a brand new part (not just an old one fixed up). Job done, and your machine is up and running in no time.

30 Day Guarantee:

If the same problem stops your machine any time over the next 30 days we will come back for free & fix it!

  • No extra callout.
  • No extra labour.
  • Only thing you will pay is for any new parts that were not replaced in the original repair.

Why Pay a Service Call?

You can’t afford to work for free & neither can anyone else. We ALL know how expensive petrol is to begin with. Companies who offer ‘free callouts’ have to find faults & have to huge mark ups on parts to make a living. So they will repair appliances that really are not worth repairing. If you want HONEST advice then you need to pay someone for all the time, effort & expense that it costs to get to your home.


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Thank you for visiting Repair My Appliance. As a local appliance repair agent on the Gold Coast we know how important it is to get you washing machine, dryer, dishwasher oven or refrigerator back up and running as quickly as possible.

No one wants to wait for an unreliable technician to come along when they feel like it.

Washing Machine, Fridge, Oven, Cooktops, Dryer & Rangehood Repairs.

Repair My Appliance has over a Decade of service to the Gold Coast.

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The Lowest Call out rates on the Gold Coast.

We do more to help you out.

  • Before work appointments (Saves you taking the day off).
  • Weekend appointments available.
  • The Lowest Call out rates on the Gold Coast.
  • Reliable tradespeople only (Work on your brand of machine regularly).
  • Will get to you fast (Same day most times).
  • Fit into your day and don’t keep you waiting around.
  • Quote you on spare parts before ordering.
  • Will come back if there is a problem. 

Appliance Repair Gold Coast please call ph 0437 073 558


Why we are a different appliance repairer?

Business Idea

Reliable, Affordable, Local.

  • Lowest Callouts,
  • Reliable Technicians,
  • Spare parts if required to be changed,
  • All work fully guaranteed.

A local service call* on weekdays is $40, labor is $20 per 15min ($80/hr) & parts depend on brand & model of appliance**

Is it worth it fixing my appliance?

Most often yes it is worth repairing your appliance. I means you can use it immediately & saves you from wasting heaps of time & money ordering a new one, having it delivered & installed.

When is it not worth repairing:

It is hard to guess as different appliances have different life spans:

  • Most washing machines are built to last 7-10 years
  • Refrigerators 10-14 years.
  • Ovens 10 years or more
  • Dryers 5-7 years.

It also depends a great deal on how much use the appliance has had. Best thing to do if you are not sure is to call us and ask for an opinion. It is free to call and free to chat.

How soon can my appliance be repaired?

Spare parts are in stock for most brands so we can fix your appliance promptly and if you call us early enough, we can come on the same day!

What are your opening hours?

Weekdays from 9am to 6pm / Weekends*** and Public Holidays**** on call.

The Best Callout Rates on the Gold Coast

Ph 1300 929 246

Local $80 service call includes:

  1. 10 minutes Labour.
  2. Full 30 day warrantee on all work done.
  3. Full Manufacturer’s Warranty on all Parts.

Outer suburbs $99 service call includes:

  • Bilinga,
  • Kirra,
  • Coolangatta,
  • Tweed Heads,
  • Ormeau.

In-land suburbs $120 service call includes:

  • Beechmont,
  • Eagle Heights,
  • Canungra, etc.

Labour & Parts


  1. First 10 Minutes FREE with the initial service call.
  2. $20 per 15min.
  3. Most repairs take less then 30 minutes as parts are mostly replaced not repaired.


  1. If major parts are required a quote will be supplied along with an estimation of the time it will take to fit the part.
  2. We want you to have all the facts so you can make an informed decision.
  3. If we do not believe the machine is worth fixing we will also let you know.

**Commercial service call fees:

(Restaurants & other businesses = Residential service call + $40).

***Weekends surcharge: $20
****Public holidays surcharge: $40
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