Appliance Tradesperson wanted!

Must provide great service and have an excellent reputation to ‘cut the mustard’ with our customers?

Ever wanted to find a Local Gold Coast Tradesman that you knew you could Trust?

Sick and tired of ringing ‘1300’ numbers an getting a company who already over quoted you?

Well you find a Local Gold Coast Tradie right here! We:

  1. Check them out.
  2. Dig into their past.
  3. Make sure they have a solid record of service to the Gold Coast.
  4. We get feedback so if they don’t measure up we don’t recommend them for very long.
  5. We make sure they are the right size to handle small, medium & large jobs.
  6. Then we help the local guy to find his feet on the Internet.
  7. We give them their very own page on this website because they are good at what they do and do what they say.

That means you can book them with confidence. Makes perfect sense when you think about it!


appliance tradesperson
It is completely free for a Tradie to apply ‘contact us’ form!

  • They pay us no ongoing fees!
  • They are on contract to us.
  • They simply measure up to what our customers want or they are ‘shipped out’ & left to flounder with the rest of the ‘riff raff’.

Appliance Tradesperson Wanted: Found! Good, honest & reliable.